The most expensive rugs in the world

At Scattermats we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality rugs for sale, at affordable prices. We stock an amazing range from Oriental rugs to Shaggy rugs in all shapes, sizes and colours, and while our rugs are affordable there are some rugs out there that go almost for a *king’s ransom*. Today we look at some of the world’s most expensive rugs – obviously the buyers of these rugs are definitely big fans of rugs! When you buy rugs for sale you usually just want something functional, fun or practical for your home or office, these very beautiful rugs are ones you definitely don’t want to walk on.
  • Kirman Vase Carpet – this s a mid 17th century Persian rug that only measures 11 feet X 5 feet and was made in Kirman – a city in Iran, the area is known for its artistry and skilled craftsmanship. This very expensive rug sold to an anonymous buyer for 6.2 million pounds!
  • Pearl Carpet of Baroda - This rug was commissioned during the 18th century by the Indian Baroda Maharaja  and the rug has been admired thanks to its beauty and vigor. There are two million pearls from the Arabian Gulf used as embellishments; it’s no wonder this rug was sold for five million dollars.
  • Persian Silk Rug – at 500 years old, this Persian rug is a little older than the ones sold at Scattermats, it sold for 4 and three quarter million dollars in 2008
  • The Bayeux Tapestry – This rug is 700 meters in length and shows the 1066 Battle of Hastings and the historical significance and value of this carpet is amazing
  • Tabriz Medallion Carpet – Made in the 16th century this 24 foot long carpet is the largest of all the most expensive rug sold and was purchased for two point four million dollars
At Scattermats we know when it comes to buying rugs that are for sale, there are some very serious collectors and rug lovers out there!