Sisal Rugs

Today you’ll find rugs are a very popular *feature* in a home, rugs from Scattermats add a touch of style and a warm and inviting feel to any room in your house. Natural fibre or sisal rugs have gained in popularity recently thanks to them being both environmentally friendly and unique. Sisal rugs from Scattermats are made from natural plant fibres and have a resistance that is similar to hemp or jute rugs, sisal rugs are strong and beautiful and look perfect in a hallway, living room or bedroom. The sisal fibres come from a cactus plant called Agave Sisalana that grows in Africa and Brazil. The plant is well known for its internal fibres that make great rope and string. The fibre stalks are cut, dried and then treated to produce tan coloured lengths that are then woven into sisal rugs. Being natural fibre sisal has some benefits over other synthetic weave rugs.
  • Sisal rugs from Scattermats are durable and don’t show signs of wear to the same extent as carpet does
  • Sisal rugs are stain resistant and there is no need to use any chemical treatments
  • Sisal rugs are the right choice for *high traffic* areas as they are flexible and strong
  • They don’t build up static electricity which is common in carpets on dry and windy days.
  • Sisal fibres can also be woven with other materials like wool or seagrass
  • Sisal rugs can also be trimmed with any kind of fabric.
Cleaning sisal rugs isn’t difficult but should still be done with care to avoid damaging your rug
  • Never clean your rug with excess water or other liquids as sisal rugs can *shrink*
  • If you do spill something on them use a dry cloth to mop up any spills straight away
  • Scrape off any dry materials and use a vacuum to remove dirt
Sisal rugs from Scattermats are versatile, durable and strong if you care for them properly. They will last for a long time and add warmth and beauty to your home.