Shaggy Rugs In Your Home

When you want to decorate your home one of fastest ways to add some style and comfort to your home is with the use of shaggy rugs. A shaggy rug is the perfect floor rug to add a spot of colour to the room that is fun to look at – and nice to walk on. So what is it that makes these rugs so popular?
  • Shaggy rugs are just so easy to find with Scattermats having a great range of styles, colours and sizes – material and shapes, even the pile of the rugs comes in varying lengths. It is just so easy to pick out a shaggy rug that will suit any room in your home – while blending in well with your current decor.
  • Shaggy rugs have come a long way since the 60’s and 70’s, back then shaggy rugs were part of the pop culture of the day, big in musicians’ and artists homes – the real *in thing*. Today shaggy rugs can be used in any style home and thanks to that shaggy or puffy look they are still a favourite style of rug today – they are supper comfy and great to stand on.
  • Finding a shaggy rug  for your home is simple – you need to work out what size you want your rug to be – big enough to make an impact, but small enough so it doesn’t dominate the room. Next choose the material that works best for you – wool, cotton, acrylic, nylon etc, then choose how *shaggy* you want your rug to be – shaggy rugs come in medium, short and long pile so just take your pick.
  • Buying a shaggy rug is easy you can either go to carpet or rug stores, or you can shop online. You’ll find dozens of shag rugs online and there will be one that suits your style, taste and budget.
  • A shaggy rug is a great way to enhance the look and feel of a room and you can actually change the feel of your room without having to spend a lot of money.