Shag rugs are back!

Shag Rugs are Back

The texture, size and colour of a rug that you choose for any room in your house – sets the mood for that room. Scattermats have a wide range of shag rugs in assorted shapes, sizes and colours, and when you are looking for that perfect rug it can be hard to narrow down your choices. A shag rug can be a great choice for any room in your house and you can find a shag rug in a colour or style to suit any room in your house. Bedrooms make a great room for a shag rug, who doesn’t love stepping onto a soft and fuzzy shag rug first thing in the morning? It’s a wonderful way to start the day, especially if your room has no carpeting. Stunning thick shag rugs can make any bedroom seem more romantic and relaxed, especially in the colder months. Shag rugs from Scattermats are also available in sophisticated designs and are great for a room with a modern theme; you can also chose from a range of plain or patterned shag rugs suitable for any area in your home. For a family or child’s room why not go with something bright and colourful shaggy rugs loud swirl, shaggy rugs loud wave, shaggy rugs loud rainbow and shaggy rugs loud stripe will make an impact in any room. Children love to have bright bold colours in their room, and shag rugs in copper or electric blue, purple or orange will bring in that splash of colour kids love. Forget the days when shag rugs were all the rage in the 70’s in those hideous colours the shag rugs of today are colourful, bright, supper soft and come in lovely light colours in tones to match your home – the Eden Beige rug is a timeless classic that will add warmth to any home. The shag rugs of then and the shag rugs of today are soft and comfortable and that is what makes them a popular flooring choice again.