Rugs, the perfect choice

Rugs have been around for centuries and some of the beautiful Oriental style rugs made by hand can take years to finish and are made from natural silk, wool, cotton or a combination of all three. This is one of the reasons why a genuine Oriental or Persian rug can cost thousands. Thankfully there are a lot of cheaper options and rugs can now be purchased online from online retailers such as Scattermats. Rugs online from Scattermats come in a range of sizes, colours, shapes and patterns – round rugs, square rugs, hall runners and more. Rugs are just like small carpets and are for specific areas – they can be placed under tables, in front of furniture or beside your bed. Home decorating experts will tell you that rugs purchased online soften the look of a room; they add to the ambience, they also make hard floors – tile, floorboards etc more comfortable to walk on. Today rugs available to buy online from Scattermats come in 3 main materials
  • WOOL – this is a natural fiber, it’s soft but resilient, and when people step on it it will bounce back and over time won’t look so worn. Wool rugs are naturally flame retardant. If something burns them, it simply scorches the surface. For example if a lit cigarette is dropped it will black the area but won’t burn or melt the fibers.
  • NYLON - has a similar flame retardant quality, but when burnt it will emit fumes and *plasticise* - the smell could linger for a while, especially in a closed room.
  • POLYPROPYLENE – is the cheapest of all the materials and isn’t as soft as nylon or wool
Modern rugs bought online from Scattermats can last up to 20 years and if cared for properly will last a lifetime. In general vacuum your rug regularly – always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and while they will need occasional cleaning don’t over shampoo your rugs. Before you buy your rug online from Scattermats – ask yourself 2 simple questions
  • Where am I going to use the rug?
  • What am I going to use the rug for?
Only then you’ll know the type of rug you want for your home.