Rugs – a great way to decorate your home

Rugs from Scattermats are a great way to redecorate your home. When you buy rugs from Scattermats you’ll soon see how a rug can add colour to a room, create a focal point or divide a big room into two separate spaces. Rugs add a feeling of warmth especially over cold floors like stone or tiles. If you have hard wood floors you’ll find rugs will protect your floor from foot traffic or from scratches from furniture. When you buy rugs you can swap them around, change them for the different seasons and most importantly – you can take them with you when you move. Rugs are perfect for the D.I.Y home decorator. When you buy your rug colour is the most important factor in decorating. If your room already has a lot of colour, chose a rug that is a very neutral colour and one that has a very subtle pattern. If your room is quite soft and subtle in colour you can add a splash of colour with a rug with a dramatic design. If you want to enhance the existing colour scheme of your room select a rug that repeats the dominant colour in the room. Before you buy your rug from Scattermats you need to make sure your rug won’t clash with any other patterns in the room – wallpaper, curtains, cushions etc. Light colours will make your room look more spacious while dark colours will add warmth. Consider where you are placing your rug, is it going to be open to a lot of foot traffic. Do you have children or pets? Will the rug be in an area where it will be exposed to a lot of use? If so choose a rug in dark colours or with an intricate pattern that won’t show as much dirt as quickly as a light coloured rug will. If buying your rug to be used in a bathroom make sure the colour is compatible with the rest of the room – select a colour that doesn’t show the dirt or a rug that is stain resistant and very easy to clean.