Persian rugs for your home

Persian Design Floor Rugs

Are you thinking of buying a Persian rug for your home? If you are looking to decorate your home with Persian Rugs and you’d like to know a little more – read on. Persian rugs come in a range of styles, colours, sizes and in different types of fibers. Typically Persian rugs are crafted from wool fibers – simply because originally centuries ago wool was the fiber available to make the rugs. Some wool fibers are thin and narrow while others are coarse and thick. Different fibers *take* to the dyes used differently so Persian carpet designs differ depending on the fiber the dye was used on. In general the thicker wool Persian rugs have been associated with *cheapness* only because the rug maker was unable to tie as many knots in the same inch of carpet they could tie if they use thinner wool's. While a thicker rug has less knots per inch they still have a beauty that cannot be matched by a Persian rug using thinner wool. Basically you have to decide which texture you prefer yourself. Some Persian rugs available from Scattermats are crafted using man made or synthetic colours while others use natural dies.  Persian rugs will fade over time and some experts feel that a faded rug is worth more, while others feel a faded carpet is worth less. Many people consider a faded carpet is more appealing, it tones down the original colours seeming to give the Persian rug more warmth or character. If you are not purchasing a brand new Persian rug from Scattermats and you are buying an older or used rug check for signs of repair, old rugs will usually have been repaired at least once. Look in the borders of the rug as some Persian rug makers included their name as a part of the border design – much like an artist’s signature on a canvas. If you do find a signed rug, it will be more valuable than an unsigned rug – only because it helps date the rug more accurately. Persian rugs from Scattermats are a lovely addition to any home.