Outdoor rugs for your yard

Outdoor rugs from Scattermats are perfect for anyone who wants to make a change to their patio or any outdoor area, after all that’s what outdoor rugs were made for. Imagine the difference a bold and colourful rug would make to your outdoor space. In Australia we get to spend so much time outside and even in winter so adding colour to your yard – all year round is a great thing to do. An outdoor rug not only adds colour and brightness (especially during winter) but they provide comfort and safety. If you have children you want to create a fun atmosphere and you can achieve that with a colourful outdoor rug from Scattermats. For children it doesn’t really matter the design, but getting the colours right is important. You want children to be drawn to it, while it still fitting in with the look and feel of your yard and the colour of your outdoor furniture. During the warmer summer months we tend to find our outdoor areas get messier and with children and guests hanging out more in your yard your outdoor rug will need more maintenance. Outdoor rugs are a lot easier to clean than your inside rugs, they are often waterproof and can withstand rain, so washing them off with a garden hose isn’t a problem and they often dry pretty quickly. This is perfect for anyone who has an outdoor space they actually want to use! If you have an old decking area outdoor rugs are perfect for them! As decks age they can lose their finish which can cause splinters – not good for bare feet. Rather than spending out a lot of money to get your deck repaired you can cover the area instead with an outdoor rug to make it safer to walk on. If you have a pool area it’s a lot easier to walk around on the wet ground if you have an outdoor rug by the pool – it also helps save dirty or grassy feet getting back into the pool, although, the rug may deteriate quickly is pool water is splashing on the rug!