Our tips for buying shag carpet rugs.

Shag carpet rugs are one of the most stylish rugs you can buy from Scattermats. They have been around for decades, they are functional and a lot of interior designers are using these rugs to show clients how stunning a room can look thanks to shag carpet rugs. Shag carpet rugs from Scattermats seem to take on a life of their own when matched properly with the room’s decor. The can boost the look and feel of your room instantly, they look elegant and very luxurious and they feel wonderful to walk, stand or sit on. When cared for correctly a shag carpet rug from Scattermats can last for many years, and they come in so many amazing colours you’ll be sure to find the one that is right for you. Look for a colour that will blend in well with the room, if you have a lot of round looking furniture in the room, a round shag carpet rug will look perfect, likewise if you have a lot of square or rectangular furniture pair it with a shag carpet rug of the same shape. Wool shag carpet rugs are very versatile and any room can be enhanced by the addition of a wool shag rug. Surprisingly a black shag rug is a great option for a room; being black it will look good against any other colours in the room. Depending on your room a contrasting colour works just as well – or even better than a colour that blends in. It is very easy and simple to add a shag carpet rug to your room, just choose the correct *padding* for under the rug, this can prevent slipping/movement of the rug and/or scratching to the floor. Remember shag carpet rugs aren’t for having *wall to wall* they are there to add colour or warmth or to blend into your room, to brighten up your living space or to make it more comfortable.