New Transitional Rugs Now Available Online!

Author: Jake  Date Posted:29 April 2023 

New Range of Floor rugs Online!

Coming in from egypt, Scattermats now has a new lot of transitional designed rugs on our online store! These rugs come in a variety of cool toned greys and creams. Not only having been manufactured out of ultra soft feeling polyester, these rugs also additionally feature a dual height pile, this accentuating the designs and motifs making them really pop.

The first additions to our online shop are the Solar Bone and Portabella rugs (Shown respectively below). Both of these rugs are in a more traditional Persian styling but come with some modern twists. The sleek greys are enhanced by the distressed look on both of these rugs, giving them a worn in and more homely feel. These rugs would look great in a modern designed home that wants to maintain its muted tones but also add a feeling of comfort by taking the edge out of  the cold colour schemes that modern spaces come in.

On the other hand, perhaps you want your interior space to lean into the brutalist aspects of modern design. In that case the new Industrial Slate rug would be a perfect fit (Also pictured below). It includes a range of stone like greys in a speckled pattern that retains a degree of artificial square uniformity. This patterning really shows off a more sharp and industrialist feel, and can be used to add a more corporate or official look to a room while still maintaining a degree of character.

Lastly we have something between the two, our Dust Bone rug comes in more organic colours, while shying away from more traditional Persian designs and leaning into a more modern motif (Shown beneath). It includes a range of warm and cold greys and browns, these colours being spread through a more organic pattern giving the rug somewhat of a nature inspired theme. The styling is also heavily distressed accentuating the more lively aspects of the rug and giving it it's modern flair. The rug sits as more of a middleman between the traditional design of the Solar Bone and the more abstract design of the Industrial Slate, making it a great choice for many rooms and spaces.

And with that we are at the end of our list of new rugs, as always thank you for reading; and always feel free to reach out via call, email, or instore for any of your rugs and runner needs!

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