New Arrival of Nursery Baby Rugs

New Arrival Shaggy Nursery Kids Rugs; Rabbits, Stars, Clouds

Our brand new super soft Shaggy Nursery Kids Rugs are in! Perfect for any and all ages, these soft rugs are simply delightful to touch. With a massive range of Stars, Rabbits and Clouds, it won't be hard top find one to suit any nursery or living area! The Cloud Shape Rug is perfect to feel like your on Cloud 9! Ideal for lounging around (and on!) all of these rugs are extremely low maintenance, being anti-static, moth proof, colour fast, non-shedding and best of all affordable. What more do you need!

These amazingly soft rugs are a must have for any family. Loved by all, these designs capture the hearts of any looking to give their homes a bit of detail! Coming in Rabbit, Star and even Cloud designs, there are multiple different colours available to choose from, with the Stars themselves having 6 different colours! Wow! So many different ways to catch the eye of any visitor! But catching the eye isn't the only thing these rugs are capable of! If you lay down you definitely won't want to get up, as you sink into the soft fibres that make it up!

Light Blue Shaggy Nursery kids rugSoft n Thick Kids Nursery Floor Rug Star Shapes 1mx1m in 6 Colours Pink

Super Soft Kids Nursery Floor Rug Cloud Shape 60x100cm White

      These absolutely divine rugs are made up of the highest quality polyester micro-fibre, with cloth backings designed so as to avoid scratching the floor uon which it is placed. The feeling produced while walking on these rugs leave you feeling relaxed, as the hand-tufted 30mm pile allows your feet to sink into the blissful softness. Have a look online or in-store today, and don't wait to add these maginificent Shaggy Nursery Rugs to your home!