Large floor rugs

Large Floor Rugs

A large floor rug can add comfort to a room while changing the appearance dramatically – or subtlety. You will find that Scattermats has a huge range of stunning floor rugs that will look great in your home – from changing the appearance of your home, to adding a decorative touch; large floor rugs can change the look of your room instantly. When it comes to deciding which floor rug is right for you – Scattermats have all the styles, colours and shapes you’ll ever need, from children’s rugs and shaggy rugs to traditional rugs and modern rugs. All you need to consider is where you want the rug to be placed, the size of the area and where the rug will sit – will it be in a high traffic area or somewhere where it won’t get walked on much? You wouldn’t want to place a nice soft white rug just inside an entry door where it’s going to be walked over by dirty shoes. So a hard-wearing rug would be better suited for that area. If you have pets or young children you may want to consider a floor rug that is easy to clean and stain resistant. If you need a floor rug in a large room or entertainment area, then call use our high quality rugs! Large floor rugs can do a lot for your home, but you need to be mindful where you place them, you do not want them to *over power* a room and become the dominant feature, you always want a large floor rug to compliment the room it is being used in. Shaggy rugs are great for *fun* areas like the family room or bedrooms, they are warm, soft to walk on and are soft for both children and pets to lay on. Scattermats have a wide range of colours, patterns and sizes to choose from, so there is bound to be a floor rug that suits your needs.