Keeping your shag rugs clean

There is no doubt about it, when you have a shag rug you want to take good care of it so that unique appearance and so soft feeling will stay – and to achieve this you just need to take care of your shaggy rugs. You will be happy to know that cleaning and caring for a shag rug is relatively simple and easy – clean up any spills quickly and keep it free of dirt and dust by vacuuming it regularly. If you want to keep your shag rugs looking their best using a rotating or beater brush on your vacuum and vacuuming in an alternating pattern helps. Start by vacuuming one way and then turn around and vacuum the opposite way for the best effect. This will help loosen up the fibres to make cleaning easier. If you allow your rug to get too dusty – is it in a high traffic area in your house? Is it the first rug inside the door and everyone wipes their feet on it? If so you need to take measure to prevent it from being over worked, simply shake it out regularly a few times a week – this helps stop dirt becoming trapped in the fibres and don’t forget to vacuum it as outlined above. Scattermats have a range of rugs from Shag rugs to outdoor mats to suit every room in your house. Apart from regularly shaking and vacuuming your shag rugs you can also hand wash them in warm water with some mild detergent alternatively you can use a washing machine on a delicate cycle – but always wash rugs on their own, never with other clothing or household washing. Rinse the fibres and allow it to air dry – especially if your shag rug is a wool or wool blend. Keeping your shag rugs clean and looking well cared for will extend the life of your rug – keeping it in tip top condition for months or even years but it will also keep your room looking fresh and inviting.