How to choose an area rug

How to Choose an Area Rug

Area rugs not only provide a real use they also add a decorative touch to your home, they can complete an overall look or just add a splash of colour or touch of warmth to a tiled floor. They can define a room or be used to join two rooms together. When choosing area rugs you need to consider 3 things – design, size and how well the rug will wear and all these will affect the way the rug works in your home. Area rugs are versatile and with no end to the sizes; shapes, materials and colours available at Scattermats you may need to narrow down what it is you want or need first. SIZE – You need to work out the size of the area rug – do you want it to be the focal point of the room? Do you want the rug to separate a large room into 2 sections? Consider where in the room you want to place the rug and is it going to be under furniture – like a coffee table or out on its own in the middle of the floor. If you want to split a room into 2 sections, consider how big you want each section to be. DESIGN –The design you choose comes down to the statement you want to make – subtle or bright, simple or extravagant? Do you want to add to/complement your existing decor? If you want to coordinate with your furniture picking out a few bright colours in your furniture or curtains is a great way to provide a fresh and coordinated look. With so many area rugs available at Scattermats you’ll be sure to find the size, shape and colour you want. DURABILITY – when it comes to wear you want a rug that will last – if the rug is going to be in a high traffic area consider one with a deep or thick pile they usually last better when subjected to heavy foot traffic. When choosing area rugs go for what you like.  You’ll know what is perfect for your room as soon as you see it.