Go Green With A Hemp Rug

How often do we hear the term *RECYCLE*? For some people it just means throwing glass in the right section of the bin, but others like to take *recycling* to a whole new level. Going green can be fun, and it’s more than just sorting paper from glass. Do you know that Scattermats sell natural or organic floor rugs for your home, these natural fibers, jute and hemp make for great rugs. Hemp rugs are a lovely way to redecorate your home while doing your little bit for the environment. We have all heard of hemp and its use in detergents, clothing, paper, art supplies and so much more. Hemp fibers are well known for their durability and this makes them a perfect fit for a long lasting hemp rug. Hemp is grown without chemicals – like those used in cotton farming – so you know your hemp rug is chemical free and completely organic. Thanks to it’s blocking of the sun’s ultra-violet rays it’s less likely to fade and will adjust to the room’s temperature to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. With the long shaft fibers the weaving is stronger which lengthens the *life span* of anything made with hemp. Jute is another natural fiber and is well known for its strength and silkiness, jute rugs are also available to purchase from Scattermats. Abaca fibers come from plants in the banana family and are well known for being water-resistant, light weight and strong. Most plant fibers that are used for rug making will give your room an organic and durable quality and with no pesticides and chemicals used to grow the plants and no bleach used in processing them you are truly doing your bit for the environment and going green. Grasses also produce fibers that are used in making rugs and because they bend easily but are quite thick they are so easy to weave. Sea-grass has a latex backing and is only suitable for use in doors, with sisal the strongest of all grass fibers. With a sea grass rug from Scattermats you will have a long lasting rug.