Get the right rug for your room

At Scattermats we have a huge range of floor rugs, so choosing the right floor rug for your room will be a breeze. Rugs are a very functional and quick way to decorate your room; you can brighten any dull and unappealing floors with a dramatic effect that can match both the furniture and the existing decor of the room. A lot of people use a big bold shaggy rug  as a center piece for the room and at Scattermats you’ll find a range of retro, modern area floor rugs and classic rugs that will easily go with your home and furnishings. There are a few points that you should take into consideration before buying any new floor rugs –
  • Check the area where you want to place the rug – this is to give you an idea of the size of floor rug you require – write down measurements from the size needed to the maximum size that will fit in the space
  •  Acrylic, natural or nylon rugs are better suited for *high traffic* areas. If the area is a high traffic area choose a rug that is both durable and easy to clean, also select darker or earthy colours these won’t show the dirt as much
  • The dimensions of the rug are also important – consider its location and use – is it just inside a door to catch dirt? Or is beside a bed? Rather than purchasing a standard *square* floor rug you can try other shapes such as a round rug
  • Most floor rugs are suitable for tiled, wooden and lino flooring so you may need to buy a non-slip style rug, Floor rugs placed over carpet generally won’t require an anti-slip product
By using floor rugs you can help protect your floor or carpet from wear and tear and in winter a floor rug from Scattermats will keep your feet warm. Matching floor rugs from Scattermats look great especially if you choose floor rugs in colours and designs that match up with and compliment your existing decor and furnishings.