Genuine Leather Rugs and Hides sold at Scattermats!  

Author: Jake  

Decorating your home in a unique and stylish way can prove difficult. If you’re looking for a rustic feel, or perhaps a statement piece, then I can heartily recommend picking up a leather rug from us here at Scattermats!

In our store leather rugs come in three forms.

Firstly, and simplest of the lot, are our animal hides (One of which is pictured below). These genuine leather hides can add a flair of detail to a space or compliment an existing rustic or traditional themed room. Even more, you will struggle to beat the durability of a genuine leather animal hide, making it a purchase that will last for years and years.

Another option for a leather rug would be a patchwork piece. Comprised of multiple colours and geometric shapes and patterns, these rugs can suit a wide range of spaces. For example, this (Pictured below) diamond patterned leather rug would make an excellent statement piece in a modern living space, or alternatively this rectangular leather rug (respectively pictured below) could suit a more contemporary styled room.

The last option for genuine leather rugs available at Scattermats would be our woven leather rugs. Crafted from interwoven leather strips and bands, these rugs have a completely different feel to any other kind of rug with their rustic and chunky loomage. Available in both muted neutral colours for a tamer look, or in bright explosive colours for an exciting centre piece (Both of which are pictured below), these rugs are an exciting and  unique addition to any home.

Leather rugs are likely an option most people wouldn’t even think of, luckily at Scattermats we have a whole host of solutions to rug and runner needs. So, if you’re thinking about sprucing up that floorspace, then come into our Welshpool show front, send us an email, or browse our website to fulfil all your rugs and runner needs. As always, we at the Scattermats team thank you for reading.

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