(Cow Hides) New Herd Arrives Online

Scattermats Online Website Introduces New Cow Hides

Scattermats new arrival of cow hides features a variety of new fantastic colours, sizes and a new metallic decor design now trending in Australia. These new hides make a wonderful addition to our growing "field" of cow hides available on our online website.

Metallic Cow Skin Rug Latest trend of cow hides in Australia
New Metallic Gold Cow Hide, one of several new metallic designs to "trot" onto our website.

This "udderly" glamorous Cow Hide would make a great addition to any room, the glisten of the hide would make any space shine. The hides are tanned in Brazil and are approximately 3-4mm thick, also they shouldn't curl up due to the softness of the hide, they also seem to be non-slip on hard floor surfaces. Scattermats stocks and sells only the best cow hide skin rugs from around the globe. We endeavour to have all cow skin rugs free from branding, marks and repairs, although we can't always be 100% on this as sometimes the smallest things may go unnoticed, however, when ordering you can request to be notified if any major repairs are discovered. Exotic Cow Skin Rug

New Exotic Cow Hides, a brilliant addition to the many hides we have available.

Get "moo"ving to add a new hide to your home, from long hair to freckled hides, Scattermats has a wide range of exotic hides to choose from; each hide one of a kind as there are no two hides the same. If you're looking for a new unique and different touch to your room, cow hides introduce a new kind of class and can enhance any decor.   For more information about Scattermats and how we started, wander over to our website at https://www.scattermats.com.au/about-us