Cleaning your shaggy rugs

Back in the 60’s shaggy rugs were common place, practically every second or third home had at least one shag rug on the floor. Like with a LOT of things from the 1960’s – they went out of fashion but they have come back in fashion in a much more vibrant and funky way than ever before. Take a look at the bright coloured shag rug with sculptured circles you can purchase through Scattermats it’s bright, cheerful and will be quite a talking point in any room – sure to be a hit with the kids! Shag rugs are better today than they have ever been! You can buy shag rugs in all sorts of colours, shapes and patterns and even shag rugs made from recycled jumpers. These recycled shag rugs from Scattermats are thick, soft to lay on, anti-static, recycled and best of all great value for money. Each rug is slightly different due to the colour variations in the material used. Recycled shag rugs such as these are all made in India. How do you keep your shag rugs clean?
  • Vacuum – the first thing you need to do to care for a shag rug from Scattermats is to vacuum it all over, most vacuum cleaners have a high/low setting, set yours on a low setting so it can suck deep into the carpet. If you need to – to give a proper and deep clean consider using one of your vacuum cleaners attachments.
  • Beat it - some rugs from Scattermats can’t be cleaned fully by a vacuum cleaner with the cleaner just not able to remove some of the tiny dirt and dust trapped in the fibres. Take it outside and use a broom to beat the back of the shag rug. Make sure that no one is standing in front of the rug, or that the wind will blow the dust back onto the rug, or onto you.
The shag rugs of today from Scattermats are a great way to decorate your home!