Choosing the right rug for a nursery

Choosing the right rug for your baby’s nursery is important, and you can choose to buy nursery rugs before or after baby is born. Nursery rugs available from Scattermats add to your nursery decor, can leave your baby feeling safe and secure and adds a touch of *personality* to the room. Nursery rugs can also
  • In some cases you can use a nursery rug as a mattress pad in the cot
  • As your baby learns to play on their tummy a nursery rug can add comfort and support
  • You can use a nursery rug as a liner for the playpen as your child grows bigger
  • If you don’t want to lay carpet or change carpet in the nursery a good quality rug will cover the floor and provide a comfortable area for baby to play.
  • You can move the nursery rug from room to room allowing for greater mobility than carpeting.
While a nursery rug isn’t *essential* in a baby’s nursery it is useful and when considering a rug for a baby there are a few things to consider.
  • COMFORT – If you are planning a rug for inside the baby’s cot, considering he or she will spend a lot of time on the rug, sheep skin is a great choice, it’s warm, soft and comfortable.
  • DECOR – You may want to go with a nursery style pattern, something with eye catching and bright colours – try and avoid red or black. Jungle or sea animals, cartoon characters etc are all designs kids love.
  • MATERIALS – where possible try and buy a nursery rug that is hypoallergenic, babies and children will spend a lot of time on the rug, so it’s good to know what materials are being used in a rug. Scattermats always lists materials used in the rugs they sell
  • CLEAN – choose a nursery rug that is easy to clean, young babies kick, push and throw, food, drink etc, so to save you time, chose a rug that is easy to clean.
Scattermats have a range of nursery and children’s rugs to suit your needs and budget