Choosing round rugs

Choosing Round Rugs

When it comes to choosing a round rug for your home and you want something different – round rugs offer a change from the boring square or oblong shaped rugs of the past. At Scattermats you don’t have to keep going for the same look over and over again, round rugs offer a whole new choice, and they are available in a range of colours, patterns and sizes. You don’t have to have a rug that fits from wall to wall; a round rug can define your rooms or living areas perfectly. Shag rugs look great in a room without a table or chair on them – if you can place them in a room away from furniture they will actually make your room look bigger. If you already have a very large room instead try for small round rugs scattered about this will fill in the large space without it being one big solid mass of rug. If you want your room to look smaller go for a dark coloured rug, while a bright coloured rug, especially one that is patterned will give your room a feeling of being larger. This will also make the rug seem larger than it is and make your visitors feel they are in a spacious room, this in turn makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed. If you are looking for round rugs that add a touch of *tradition* to your house go for rugs that are embossed or have images on them. Scattermats have round rugs in various styles and designs that can compliment any room in your house the right rug will look absolutely perfect on your floor. While some people use artwork, paintings, photos etc to improve the appearance of a wall or room, you can use rugs in the same way to improve the look and feel of a room. Caring for a round rug is no different to caring for a square rug it all comes down to the materials used. Cotton rugs for example can be rolled up and washed in a washing machine however you cannot do that with a woollen rug.