Choosing a wool rug for your home

Choosing a Floor Rug

If you are renovating your home, or you are just wanting to update/change the look of your room with a few subtle additions a wool rug from Scattermats is the way to go. Area rugs such as the natural wool viscose rug marble cream are perfect, there is nothing nicer that a natural fibre rug – especially if it’s wool. Wool rugs are durable, strong and add a feeling of warmth to your room and the nature of the wool fibre means it recovers well from crushing. Wool fibres can stretch sometimes up to 35% without breaking and return to their original size. Wool rugs are dirt resistant and are easier to clean than synthetic fibres and while synthetic fibres have evolved over the years they still can’t match the quality of wool. The high natural moisture content of wool makes it flame resistant. This natural wool viscose rug in marble cream from Scattermats is a hand loomed plush pile woollen rug that is 50% natural wool and 50% art silk (rayon, viscose) and is available in 3 sizes and in many colours. This relatively plain design uses subtle colours to provide a rug that will compliment any room. Manufactured in India it is non flammable and anti static making it easy to vacuum or to remove pet fur and fluff. Being between 13mm and 15mm thick it can cope with all the foot traffic in your home or office. When buying a wool rug from Scattermats there are a few things you may need to consider
  • The size of your room
  • The colour you want for the room
  • The design – plain, coloured or patterned
  • The size of the rug needed
  • Handmade or machine made
No matter what wool rug you buy you need to care for it properly – do NOT dry clean or steam clean your rug, Scattermats recommend regular vacuuming to remove dirt. Dry cleaning leaves behind a chemical that harms the fibres of your rug and steam cleaning removes the natural oils from the wool.