Change your room – add a rug

It’s probably time to get a new rug when you look at the floor and think to yourself *there is something missing*. There are quite a few advantages to adding a floor rug to your room – and don’t forget you don’t have to have  a rug just in the living room, floor rugs look good in any room, bedroom, study, dining room or family room. When you are looking for floor rugs for your home you need to consider the style of rug, the size and the colour you don’t want it to clash with the room and existing furniture but to compliment the room perfectly. You can also use floor rugs to perform a specific function consider using two round rugs to visually separate 2 living areas in the home, great if you have a combined lounge dining area – one rug in each area defines each area perfectly. Alternately you can use just one large rug to define one area instead. Depending on the style, shape, size and colour you want to use you don’t want the rug to overshadow the room or to become the dominant feature in the room, so chose carefully. You want a floor rug that is going to be compatible with the whole room. Another thing to consider when choosing a rug is the quality of the rug you have chosen – is it going to be easy to clean? How long is it going to last? Is it durable? Will it be subjected to a lot of wear and tear? Is it too heavy to move around from room to room? Is it easy to spot clean? These are questions you need to ask yourself when shopping for a floor rug. There are some great advantages to using a rug in your home – they can last for years, you can use them on the wall, they are easy to move around, easy to replace, great to take with you if you are moving, they can add to the warmth and feel of the room. Scattermats have floor rugs to suit any style, taste and budget