Carpet rugs for kids

Kids or Children's Rugs

Kids in general love to play which makes them very active and depending on the age of your child they can often take little tumbles onto the floor when they are running around. Depending on the flooring you have in your home there can be a real *danger* of a child slipping and falling and hitting their head on the floor and while in theory it’s fine to say you need to keep an eye on them at all times, sometimes that’s not the case. It’s hard to watch your child every second of the day, but you do need to be alert. One of the most common causes of children’s accidents is falling on the floor and it’s for this reason if you have tiled floors or hard wood floors a few carpet rugs scattered around are essential and especially in your children’s bedroom as it’s usually where they spend most of their time. Scattermats has a range of carpet rugs especially designed for children. Children love to play and no parent wants to stop their child having fun but it is a good idea to create a protected and safe area for children to play and this can be achieved by using children’s carpet rugs. Scattermats have a range of boy and girl carpet rugs that are perfect for your child’s bedroom or nursery, these rugs are a great way to protect your child from falling, especially when running around in socks, carpet rugs provide *friction* to help make slipping on the rug virtually impossible. Kids will also love the softness a rug gives. Shaggy rugs provide warmth and comfort and your child will love how the rug feels. Scattermats stocks a huge range of children’s floor rugs including activity play mats, alphabet mats and educational rugs that give your child a fun way to learn, while making the floor in their bedroom that little safer. If you have a young baby carpet rugs are much softer for your little one to crawl around on than tiles and wooden floors.