Caring for Oriental floor rugs

Oriental floor rugs create a very inviting and warm feel for your home, the intricate designs have been around for centuries and many are rich in history that add a touch of elegance to any room in your house. Today we share with you a few tips on how to care for your Oriental floor rug so it will last you a lifetime. *If you can provide padding for your oriental floor rug it will go a long way in helping it last, if you cushion the impact between a hard floor and a shoe, it will also keep your rug in place while helping stop uneven wear. *Keep your floor rug rotated, this will ensure the rug wears evenly and if the rug catches sunlight it will help minimize the damage caused by UV rays. It is very important to minimise sun damage to your rug. *Humidity – by protecting your rug from humidity it will help stop the fibres of the rug rotting and ruining the floor rug *Vacuum and sweep your rug against the nap and try not to vacuum the fringe, sweeping your rug once a week will help bring out the sheen of your oriental floor rug. * only air or beat your rug occasionally but on a sunny day – you can hang it on a line or just lay it on the ground and if you give it a good beating with a rug beater several times each side you’ll be able to loosen the dust particles from the center weave. *Wash oriental rugs only when necessary – it may go a year or even several years depending on the use before it needs to be professionally cleaned, don’t steam clean or use harsh chemicals as it will remove the natural oils of the wool, surface cleaning is all you need. *If your rug is ever damaged have it repaired as soon as you can – if possible by a professional re-weaver so the damage doesn’t continue. The bindings in the fringes can wear but they are easy to replace or repair.