Bring some nature into your home

Scattermats have a range of natural jute rugs available for your home or office and with so many people opting to create a more environmentally friendly/healthy feel to their home a beautiful enviro plaited braided jute round circle butterfly natural green rug will make a beautiful addition to your home. Jute rugs are becoming popular thanks to being
  • Fire proof
  • User friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • They don’t smell
  • They are durable
Round jute rugs are great for the areas of your home that don’t have a lot of foot traffic. The round circle butterfly natural green rug from Scattermats has been crafted in India using sustain-ably harvested jute – hand spun, braided and then woven to create this stunning looking rug.  Jute rugs are free from the polymers found in vinyl rugs and are both cost effective and hard wearing noise absorbers. Many years ago these rugs were seen as a low cost option for flooring – for those who couldn’t afford *anything better* and today are looked upon just as favourably as any other shaggy or Persian Rug. The striking jute round circle butterfly natural green jute rug has a great casual look that will be at home in any room and are great for those wanting to bring nature inside. This rug is extremely practical but isn’t suitable for a room where it is susceptible to moisture such as a bathroom, kitchen or laundry as it may slowly break down or become mouldy. For those who have children who like to sit on the floor you will find this round rug from Scattermats is quite smooth and comfortable and being a natural fibre plant there is no chance of any skin allergies forming. Thanks to the rise in popularity of jute round rugs Scattermats has a range of styles available in different colours and shapes that are affordable and suited to any room in your house – from the bedroom to the lounge room. Caring for natural or jute round rugs isn’t hard as they actually require less cleaning and maintenance that your regular modern rugs.