Bollards: Crowd Control and Decor in one.

Author: Jake  

A product you may not expect Scattermats to stock would be bollards.  Items like bollards are a logical extension of our red carpet and event runners. If you’re looking to buy a runner from us for an event, I would also look to see what other common event items we stock such as bollards, stages, folding tables and more.

Bollards not only can help with the flow of people at events but can also add an extra layer of class, accentuating an event runner. At Scattermats we stock two types of bollards, these being Rope bollards, and extendable ribbon bollards.

Rope bollards (Seen Below), also known as stanchions, are sold by us in metallic silver and gold, and have a variety of colours and rope textures to choose from. Rope bollards are particularly suited to events that want to have a luxurious or wealthy feel to them, such as in high class restaurants, museums, opening night events, and weddings.

Extendable ribbon bollards (Seen Below), also known as belt barriers, are like rope bollards, but instead of a rope, they use a retractable ribbon or belt to create a barrier. These ribbon bollards give an official feel and are often used in places such as airports, train stations, and checkout lines. We additionally sell sign holders  to go atop of these to give further information to people and customers.

While bollards may seem like a small detail, they can play an important role in managing traffic flow and keeping people safe. By providing clear guidance and barriers, bollards can help prevent accidents and keep crowds moving in an orderly fashion. They are an important tool for any public space or commercial setting.

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