Before You Buy A Floor Rug or Hall Runner

A Few Things to think of Before You Buy A Floor Rug or Hall Runner

Floor Rugs look great in any room, they add colour and warmth, brightness adding the finishing touch. However before you purchase your rug there are a few things to consider.
  • The size of the area you want to cover, do you want a smaller rug for under a coffee table or something larger that covers most of the room? Smaller rugs or scatter rugs can look great in smaller spaces – such as in front of the kitchen sink. A great way of figuring out the size of the rug you want is to lay down a sheet and fold it until you get the size you like then measure the sheet, giving you an idea of the size you need to buy.
  • Entrances and hallways – At Scattermats we suggest to consider pattern and fiber density and light colours, one option is to go for dense patterns in a wool pile or a high density such as a minimum of around 800,000 points of fiber /m2 or if that is out of your price range then a flat-weave rubber backed hall runner by the meter is a good option as it will be exposed to a lot of foot traffic. And of course the first thing to do before ordering or travelling to your nearest rug store is to measure up. Keep in mind the height of the pile if you want your mat to sit at the doorway. The reason is if you want the runner up to a door way then the door needs to be able to open up over the runner, or as some people do, leave the hall runner around 300 - 500cm away from the doorway so the runner becomes a feature. Alternatively, put a small (maybe matching) mat at the door which then takes all the dirt and feet scraping and keeps the runner in prime condition.