Artificial grass

A lot of people today are *time poor* they work hard they commute long distances for work so on the weekend they just want to relax and make things as easy as they can. They don’t want to and don’t have time for those mundane chores and for this reason buying artificial grass online from online retailers such as Scattermats has become the popular thing to do. A growing trend is to replace your existing natural lawn with artificial grass purchased online, artificial grass stays green, doesn’t need to be watered or mowed and it can stand up to the weather. Over time it’s cost effective as you don’t have the maintenance issues – cost of caring for a lawn – feed, water, mowing – it frees up time for you to do other things. When you buy artificial grass online you will find it not only long lasting, but it is perfect for residential, business or sporting purposes. It’s great for young children – no bindies! Advancements in technology means artificial grass has come a long way over the years and looks more like natural grass than ever before and often until people step onto it no one will know your lawn isn’t real. Artificial grass from Scattermats is extremely easy to install and can be used just for around your child’s backyard play area, to cover a veranda or to replace your lawn, or it can be used for a special event or party. Perhaps you have a slippery outdoor area that you want to make safer to walk on artificial grass is the way to go, you can leave it down or roll it up and put it away to use another day. The artificial grass you can buy online from Scattermats is 22cm wide and is perfect around a pool or entrance area. It’s wide enough for 3 people to walk side by side so would be perfect for an outdoor wedding. Artificial grass is so easy to clean, spill some food or drink, simply hose it off. If you want it to be slip free simply use a rug underlay product.