Anti-Slip Underlay for Reduced Slippage!

Anti-Slip Underlay for Reduced Slippage

Anti-Slip Underlay is one of the most recommended products available on the Scattermats Website. Coming in two different types, Adhesive-based for carpets and Rubber-based for hard-floors, these Underlays are key to stopping Floor Area Rugs and Hallway Runners from slipping. Having this product can also help to protect the back of your rug and improve the performance and life of the surface pile, while also enhancing your own safety by securing the rug rather than letting it move about. We strongly recommend for maximum control to cover the majority of your problem Rug, Mat or Hallway Runner; only leaving around 10-15cm in from the edges. These products are also incredibly easy to cut to a custom size, being able to be cut with just a pair of scissors! If your problem Mat is sliding around on a hard floor such as tiles or wood, then we recommend the Rubber Underlay. This Underlay comes in the normal range of Floor Rugs, as well as in some differing Runner variants. Perfectly simple, these are extremely easy to use, just needing to be placed under the Rug to be effective. You can also spot glue this Underlay to your Mat, for added effect, however this is not necessary for it to work. Hard floors are not the only place for Rugs though, as many are also placed on top of carpeted areas! For these troublesome areas we have an Adhesive Underlay that is stuck to the back of the Rug or Runner, then the backing is peeled off and the other side is stuck to the top of the carpet. Be aware that this is not a permanent solution though! This Underlay can be unstuck from the carpet and Mat (and shouldn't leave any residue at that!), however it will become less and less effective the more its stuck and unstuck. Have a look online or in-store today, and don’t wait to get a hold of these awesome Anti-Slip Products today!