Add to your outdoor area with a gorgeous outdoor rug

Outdoor Rugs

As we begin heading into spring it’s finally getting to *that time* where you’ll be sitting outside again, having guests around and having barbecues. It’s time to dust off the outdoor furniture, dig out the barbecue and brighten up the patio. Have you considered adding a nice outdoor rug from Scattermats? You can create a new and vibrant look with the addition of outdoor rugs and Scattermats have so many styles, shapes, sizes and colours available, nothing looks nicer than an outdoor rug! Consider what outdoor furniture you have this will help you decide on the colour and if you need patterned or plain outdoor rugs. Do you want to add a splash of colour to an area that is perhaps looking a little bland? Or do you want something with a bold pattern that adds colour and design? If you have plain, solid coloured furniture you may want to go with matching colours. Take a few minutes to consider what it is you *do* on your deck or patio this will help you decide. It can be nice to have a soft outdoor rug underfoot if you/your guest walk around barefoot. If you entertain a lot you may prefer to go for an outdoor rug from Scattermats that is stain resistant to help keep cleaning to a minimum. An outdoor rug over a deck area helps prevent getting splinters in your feet and is great if you have children who crawl or like to sit on the deck. Children play rugs are great to add to the area for this reason. Concrete balconies can also be hard on feet and on crawling babies. Outdoor rugs also add cushioning if glasses or plates are dropped it can help make them less likely to break. Outdoor rugs from Scattermats are relatively inexpensive and decorating your outdoor area can be just as much fun as decorating any of the rooms inside your house. Having a nice bright comfortable outdoor rug on your deck or patio gives the area a nice homely, warm and inviting feel while still being practical.