Add excitement – add a shaggy rug!

You always want to get it right when it comes to home decorating and especially when it comes to adding a shaggy rug to a main room – living room, formal dining or lounge room or to your family room. You need to have the right blend of style and colour and this is where Scattermats can help. It’s hard to find just what you are looking for and with so much style and choice out there it can be mind boggling. Today we hope this article will help you in your quest to find the right shaggy rug for your home. Despite all the home D.I.Y shows you don’t have to buy new furniture, remove wallpaper or paint to change the look and feel of your room, that can be achieved simply by the addition of a new shaggy rug. Adding a shaggy rug to the room is a very cost effective way to add that splash of colour and give a boost to any room. Scattermats suggest you choose a shaggy rug that matches the colour and tones of your walls and furnishings – this will help the whole room *come together*. If you have large empty walls and a lot of bare floors it can make the room look and feel chilly and sparse. If you have a room such as this Scattermats suggests a rug with stylish colours that draws attention into the center of the room. Of course if your room is already quite well decorated with ornaments, lots of photos or pictures on the wall and patterned wall paper, a rug in a plain or neutral colour will complement everything else in the room and can create a feeling of space especially in a room that is cluttered. If you want to express your personality Scattermats sell a range of shaggy rugs in fun shapes, sizes, patterns and bright and bold colours – they’ll really become a talking point in your home. A bold shaggy rug can add colour to a room and rugs are great if you are renting as you can always take your rugs with you.