A Guide to Rugs

If you are looking to buy rugs online it’s a good idea to work out what the different styles of rugs are – what they are, and why they are different so you can choose the best rug from Scattermats for your needs. Persian Rugs are the *real deal* and come from where the true art of rug making actually began. Most of the time the rugs are made from wool but they can also be made with silk or a blend of wool and silk and what makes these rugs so different is the pile (or tufts) of the rug are tied to the backing in a knot – by hand. Machine Made Rugs – are like their name suggests, made by machine and are as close to perfect as you’ll get but it doesn’t mean you miss out on character or quality. Buying machine made rugs online are still very easy to clean and very hard wearing – while cleaning depends on the materials used – the majority of machine made rugs are made from synthetics that are stain resistant. One benefit of machine made rugs is they have a denser weave and don’t flatten to the same degree other rugs do. Hand Made Rugs – come from all around the world and the difference between these and Persian rugs online is they are not knotted. While still made by hand they are made with a hand held tufting gun – similar to a hand held sewing machine. Handmade rugs can be made of any yarns – from blends to Jute, Wool, Cotton or polyester. While there really isn’t such a thing as the *best* rug it comes down to your own personal preference and the style of rug you want – for example if you want a shaggy style rug, you won’t be able to get a Persian hand knotted shaggy rug, some styles come in some construction types and others don’t. Basically you need to simply find the size, shape and colour of rug you want and make a choice based on your own needs.