A guide to buying rugs

You will find a wide range of rugs for sale online through the Scattermats website, and before you make a purchase there are a few tips Scattermats would like to share if you are buying rugs to re-decorate your room. Rugs look great in any room, they add colour and warmth, brightness and they put the finishing touches on your room. Here are some things to consider
  • The size of the area you want to cover, do you want a smaller rug for under a coffee table or something larger that covers most of the room? Smaller rugs or scatter rugs can look great in smaller spaces – such as in front of the kitchen sink
  • Living room – here you would normally place a rug in front of your lounge, or under a coffee table. There are four decor visual options for lounge room rugs, the first is to place the floor rug close enough to the lounge so that when sitting your feet are on the rug, (this is more wear & tear on your floor rug however), or have your floor rug a minimum of around 40cm away from your couch as more of a decor feature look. Depending on the size of your room, the third option is to position your lounge partly or completely on top with portions of the rug decor exposed in front for the coffee table and feet, otherwise multiple floor rugs scattered in visually pleasing fashion is fine, there really is no set rules for decor interiors.
  • Dining Room – the rug used under the dining table should be large enough so when the chairs are pulled out from the table the back legs of the chairs are still on your rug, and some consideration to the quality for wear and tear and practicality is a must.
  • Stairs – A high density hall runner rug (min 400, 000 points of fiber m2) is best suited for this purpose, although many people find the cheap rubber backed hall runners do the job too.
  • Entrances and hallways – At Scattermats we suggest to consider pattern and fiber density and light colours, one option is to go for dense patterns in a wool pile, if that is out of your price range then a flat-weave rubber backed hall runner by the meter is a good option as it will be exposed to a lot of foot traffic.
  • Bedrooms – rather than one large rug, which your bed will *hide* most of anyway when buying a rug for sale online we suggest using a few different rugs – at the foot of the bed, at both sides of the bed, or just scatter a few smaller round rugs randomly around the room
  • Durability – rugs made from wool are a durable choice as they resist daily wear much better than synthetic rugs, unless you consider a good quality synthetic area rug of at least a 1,000 000 points of fiber m2. Wool also has a lot of good qualities – easy to care for,  comes in rich dark colours and great durability.