A big rug can change your room

If you want to change the look or feel of your room and add appeal, you can buy rugs online through Scattermats who have a range of styles, colours, shapes and sizes to suit any taste and budget. Being able to buy rugs online, opens up a whole new world - with endless choices and options available. Below are some ideas for using big rugs to change the look and feel of your room. You need to consider where you are going to place your rug, is it going to be in an area where it might be susceptible to sun damage? Will it be in a high traffic area? Is it going to be in a room where it may have food and drink dropped on it? You will need to consider which material will look best and wear best in the area you want to use it, For example you don’t want a nice white shaggy rug sitting right inside a doorway where it will have dirt and wet shoes walking on it. You would need to consider a more robust floor rug especially if you have pets or small children, or look for a rug that is stain resistant. Of course if you are looking to buy rugs for an entertaining area of your home you could opt for a more expensive rug that gives a room impact. Big rugs make a statement but you need to consider where and how you want to use them, you also need to consider a plain rug in one colour, a colourful rug or a patterned rug. Oriental and Persian rugs are very distinguished in appearance and will need to match your furniture and room space, of course if you are going for something completely different – something that will stand out an Oriental or Persian rug might be just the thing. Scattermats have a range of Persian rugs, shaggy rugs, modern and wool rugs as well as outdoor and children’s rugs – so why not shop with them from the comfort of your own home today.