6 ways to use a rug

Rugs are a great way to change the look and feel of a room, or they can add that *finishing touch*, the great thing about rugs for sale is they are affordable to buy from Scattermats. You’ll find a seemingly never ending range of rugs for sale at Scattermats – cowhide and leather, Oriental, Persian, Turkish, traditional, wool, modern, round, shaggy, indoor and outdoor mats and so very much more. Scattermats have the rugs for sale that’s right for you. Rugs have so many uses – here are just 6!
  • Hardwood floors – floating flooring, timber, or hardwood flooring has made a big comeback, they look great but during winter they don’t hold the heat well so you will find it cold to walk on. A nice shaggy rug from Scattermats will not only look and feel great it will keep your floor warmer.
  • Carpet in your Child's room – kids can be rough on carpet – especially in their bedroom; a rug can help save wear and tear and stains.  Scattermats have some great children’s mats available – including play and activity  rugs, boys rugs and girls rugs
  • Entrances – whether you have a small or large entrance area you can still make a statement with a floor rug – from bold to beautiful the choice is yours remember an entrance rug needs to withstand dirt and foot traffic
  • A focal point – Create a focal point in a large room – rectangular rugs look great under pool tables or dining tables, if you have a fireplace a modern floor rug adds that touch of elegance while providing a comfy place to sit.
  • Cover up damaged or worn carpet – carpets do wear and sometimes can be expensive to replace, so to give the room a new look floor rugs are a great way to hide damaged, worn or stained carpet.
  • Great for renters – when you rent you can help keep damage to the existing carpets low by using rugs and when you move you can take the rugs with you!
Rugs for sale from Scattermats are the easiest and most affordable way to give a room a makeover.