6 Ways to Add Style to Any Room Using Rugs

Date Posted:17 February 2021 

6 Ways to Add Style to Any Room Using Rugs

Rugs are evergreen accent accessories that can make any space feel unique, cozy, charming, and visually eloquent. You can style just about any space in your home with them. If you’re searching for some ideas and basic design tips in this regard, here are 6 to help you start out:

How to Place and Add Style to a Room with Rugs


It can be fun to style your bedrooms with area rugs, and there are lots of opportunities for you to do that. Here are some suggestions:

Round rugs

Round rugs are unique and eclectic. They can add a lot of personality to the space. You can furnish them in front of the bed, put one-quarter of the rug underneath the bed itself, or even create a cozy reading nook in a corner. It all depends on what the radius of the rug actually is.


Runners can be used to create longitudinal contrast in a bedroom. You can even layer several runners on top of each other to create color and pattern contrast within your spaces as well.

Rectangular Rugs

This is the most commonly used rug shape in bedrooms (and in general as well). You can place them at the foot of your bed to get the right visual effect.

Living Room

There are a number of ways that you can style a living room with an area rug, but the one thing that remains a common denominator between all of them is the central placement.

Typically, living rooms consist of a furniture layout that is pretty much centralized in its own right. The combination of sofa/sectional, coffee table, and accent chair with media wall is very predetermined, and the rug always comes in the middle of it all.

The only difference that matters is the size of the space, which also helps determine the size of the rug. A small 4’x6’ rug can be used to style a small, compact living room layout. A medium sized 6’x9’ rug can be used to style a moderately sized lounge. And bigger versions can be used when you want the furniture to be completely on top of the rug itself.


You can only style a kitchen with a rug if you understand its layout. The most commonly found ones are either U-shaped, L-shaped, or galley-shaped.

For the former two, there is always a centralized space in the middle where you can place your rug. It’s usually square-shaped, so that’s the kind of rug that you should be opting for as well.It’s best if you leave an 45cm of floor space around the edges. This will add tons of more panache to the ambiance.

Galley kitchens, on the other end consist of small aisles in the middle that are usually 120cm in width. These can only be styled with runners, and you need to make sure that they’re located centrally so that the kitchen will look well-balanced and proportionate.

(Pro tip: For kitchens, you need to select rugs that are able to handle stains well. Don’t go for delicate Orientals or fluffy shags. Instead, opt for sturdy sisal and flat-weave rugs that can be easily maintained.)


Styling an area rug within a bathroom requires a lot of finesse. Since the bathroom is a very practical space, you need to be highly cognizant of the rug material, size, and context when placing it. Ideally, the rug that you place in your bathroom should be waterproof and bacteria resistant.

Secondly, where you put it within the layout is also highly important as well. The bathroom mainly consists of three zones: the vanity area, the WC area, and the shower/bathtub area. Ideally, the rug could be placed in the center of these all, but unfortunately, this idea is not particularly suitable for such a space unless you have got super luxurious spa-like proportions.

So how do you style a bathroom with a rug? First, you need to select the smallest possible choice on your radar. Then, you can either place it in front of your vanity or your bathtub. Both of these spaces can be highlighted with the help of a bold colored rug, so if you can find a suitable size, this is how you do it for a bathroom.

Hallways and Transitional Areas

If you’ve got a boring and monotonous transitional area like an empty hallways or a circulation space that has no beginning and no end, you can always use area rugs to style them out.

Round area rugs are perfect for furnishing in transitional areas located in an open floor plan. Not only do they give definition to the open-endedness of the whole space, but they also add a fun, cohesive vibe that pulls together the entire area. A round rug can also become the anchor-point that hooks all eyes to your transitional space.

Alternately, you can also use small-sized square shaped rugs to pull off the same effect. Note that you need to make the placement of your rug as centralized as possible to get the right look.

As far as hallways are concerned, you can add a ton of style to them by placing a runner in the middle. This is a classic rug placement technique, but it definitely works wonders and is considered timeless for a reason. You can also use the color, texture, and pattern of the runner to create a unique ambiance in your hallway.

Foyers and entrance lobbies also come under this domain, and the main thing to remember when styling them with rugs is that you need to position them in a central location. The rug also needs to match the proportions of the space. For example, if your entrance area is square shaped, then the rug either needs to be the same, or it can be round as well, if you want to create some shapely contrast.

So this is how you can add style to any room and area using different types of rugs. We hope this guide helped you come up with personalized ideas of your own to match with your interior design and décor.

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