4 Things to Consider When You Buy Rugs Online in Australia

Nothing ties well-decorated interiors together like the perfect rug. Chosen right, a rug softens a room and makes it a much cozier space. Even a simple, minimalist design can be elevated with a textured or patterned mat. It also has a host of practical benefits as well, like adding warmth and insulation in colder weather, preventing slipping and sliding, muffling unwanted noises, protecting your floors, and allowing you to section off an area without having to set up walls. The internet has made it much easier to look through large catalogues of rugs in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours, and fabrics - without ever leaving your home. Because all of your options are right at your fingertips, buying the right rug can be a daunting task. How do you go about narrowing down your choices? Below are four main things you need to consider when you’re about to purchase rugs online in Australia.

1. What kind of life do you live?

Do you have kids or a pet that stays indoors? Do you play a lot of sports or participate in outdoor activities, like football, camping, or gardening? Do you live in a rainy or muddy area? These questions will help point you in the  right direction. If you and your family are pretty busy or active, you’d need a rug that compliments your lifestyle. Stick with materials that are easy to clean, and avoid light-coloured and woolen shag rugs that are more prone to dirt and stains.

2. How big is the area you need to buy the rug for?

Rugs come in many sizes, from small bath or kitchen mats to area rugs that cover most of your room. Make sure to measure the available space first; you don’t want to spend hours picking out the perfect rug only to have it be too big or small when it arrives at your doorstep. Keep in mind the function you want it to serve - is it to protect the area near your sink from water, or is it to create a warm and cozy sitting space in front of your TV? The former would need highly non-absorbent material like some rubber backed synthetics, while a soft, high-pile synthetic or wool would work for the latter. The look of your rug should also depend on the rest of the interiors. Choose dark and subtle patterns for an elegant dining area and reserve flashy colours for the bold décor lover and kids’ playroom.

3. Hidden Shipping Costs

Adding a rug doesn’t have to be an expensive affair, but shipping costs can really add up, especially for larger and heavier rugs. Websites often calculate shipping based on weight or distance, turning what looked like a good online deal into your wallet’s worst nightmare. We at Scattermats want to reduce your online shopping anxiety. We offer limited free shipping on all orders over $200 – nationwide*.

4.  Fabric: Can it be cleaned easily?

Some rug materials are much more resilient to dirt and damage than others. Familiarize yourself with the different kinds of fabrics, how they should be cleaned, and what cleaning products you’d need before you make your purchase. Most rugs, save for bath or kitchen mats, only need to be thoroughly cleaned once or twice a year to prolong the rug’s life and keep it clean and hygienic. You can do with a simple brush and vacuum cleaning method for most rugs. Rugs made out of cotton or some synthetic fibres are usually machine washable, just make sure to wash them on delicate and dry at low heat. Natural fibre rugs like wool or jute would do better with spot cleaning or hand-washing instead. Scattermats has a line of cleaning products to protect your investment. The Scattermats Rug Guard forms a stain barrier, making it easier to remove spills and clean marks while extending the lifespan of your rug. It’s best paired with the Scattermats Rug Magic All Natural Spot Cleaner, a chemical-free and non-toxic cleaner that can effortlessly remove most stains like blood, wine, coffee, and crayons.

Why Buy Rugs Online from Scattermats?

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