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Rug Underlay Non Slip for Carpet 180cm Wide by the Meter Premium Rug Lock

Hallway Runner Rug Non-Slip Foam Underlay for on Carpets

This hallway runner rug non-slip foam underlay is ideal to help prevent your runners and door mats from moving around on top of carpets. If you need more than 1 length, add up the total measurements and put into the qty box, note that there is a minimum order amount of 2m already in the qty box, and it is sold only by the meter, so if you require 5.5m then you would have to pay and order 6m.

Rug Underlay Non Slip for Carpet Complete Stop Material
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Rug Underlay Non Slip for Carpet Complete Stop Material Rug Underlay Non Slip for Carpet Complete Stop Material Thumb image
Online Price: $32.00

Availability: In stock


Value For Money Rating out of 5: 

Top Quality Rug Underlay

This rug underlay is the best quality product around for mats or rugs that move around on carpet according to our customer feedback. This self adhesive 180cm wide white foam rug underlay material is available on a roll that is available by the meter. Premium Rug Lock is used for reducing the movement of mats or rugs, runner rugs on top of carpets.

How to install this Anti-Slip Rug Underlay

When installing this anti-slip rug underlay, we strongly recommend for maximum control to cover the majority of your problem rug, leaving 10-15cm in from the edges is fine but not essential. Be sure the back of your rug is vacuumed thoroughly,  turn your carpet or rug upside down, place the rug lock onto the back of your rug by either rolling out or unfolding out with the plastic up, sticky side to the rug, and firmly press down, then peel off the white plastic by pulling back across low (not up vertically) and flip your rug over, better to have at least 2 people for this method.

Or fold your rug back half way, so the back is showing, apply the rug lock to the back of the rug that is exposed, with the plastic side up and press on firmly, peel back the foil across low as not to lift it off the rug, lay the rug back down and then pull back other end and repeat, you can also spot glue it to the back of your carpet rug if needed.

Alternatively, we also sell the pre-made sizes of total rug underlay rug pads, 110x180, 180x220 and 180x270cm.

Warning, this product will leave a sticky residue if used on hard floors.

Cleaning / Washability No
Country of Manufacture
Method Of Construction No
Material Type Polyester
Pile Type Flat Surface
Stain Resistance No
Durability No
Reversible No
Additional Features No
Also Available In Matching N/A
Vacume Rating No
Also Available in Other Sizes
Size 180CM Wide Roll
Thickness 2mm

Customer Reviews

Life changing product! Review by Traci
Value for Money
This rug lock really works! After trying all sorts of other useless products, I finally found the answer to my rugs moving all over the place. Rugs on carpet have a mind of their own and creep around as soon as you take your eye off them... but not any more, so glad I found these, highly recommend them. I have one in a high traffic area and have had it for 4 years now, still not the slightest creep out of the carpet. I recently bought another for a second carpet in a low traffic spot, I thought I could cope with moving it back every day, but, you know, life's too short! After 4 years now I have 2 rugs that stay where I want them and never trip anyone up! YAY! (Posted on 12/10/18)
More than happy Review by Michael
Value for Money
Hi Neville, My first comment is, how do you guys make money in an age when everything else fails in about a year and your products seem to last forever? I bought your premium rug underlay in December 2013 and installed it under rugs on hard and carpeted floors. THEY ARE STILL DOING THE JOB IN AUGUST 2016!!!!! That is some achievement! Sometimes companies get it right and you certainly do. If anybody is reading this and thinks I've been put up to this, you're wrong. I am a person who will complain when things are not up to standard and will give praise when it is warranted. This company stands by its products , when so many others don't. Once again, thank you for your product and service...Kind Regards Michael Millets (Posted on 28/08/16)

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