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Persian Rugs

Persian rugs are among the most prized rugs in the world and with good reason. They are revered for their durability, quality and about all, their sublime craftsmanship. Owning Persian rugs connects you to a tradition that dates back millennia. Hand crafted by artisans, these rugs feature designs that have been passed down through generations of family weavers. Some items feature symbols and motifs unique to a region of the country. A genuine item can take a year or more to complete.

Most Persian rugs are made from fine lustrous Iranian wool. In the past, silk was popular. Silk rugs are very expensive and not as hardy as wool. Many other countries such as India and Pakistan have adopted the style of Persian rugs to produce their own Oriental rugs and carpets.


The Benefits of Persian Rugs

  • A rigorous production process means that the dyes in these rugs are very fade resistant.
  • Genuine Persian rugs will look good for generations with just a little care. When you buy one, consider it an investment that will give you decades of pleasure.
  • Their tight weave makes them extremely hardy and easy to maintain.


Taking Care of Persian Rugs

One of the great things about Persian rugs is that they’re just about maintenance free. The tight fibres prevent dust, dirt and other contaminants from getting deep into the pile. A regular sweeping is all that’s needed. Spills should be dealt with immediately with a mild detergent. The tight weave also makes the rugs very resistant to wear and the ravages of children and cats and dogs.


Buying Persian Rugs

Persian rugs come in three main types - genuine, antique and machine made, though the latter are not considered authentic. Other than visiting Iran, the best way to ensure you’re getting a genuine Persian rug is to buy from a reputable vendor. A Persian rug should have a label affirming its country of origin. The price of your rug will depend on factors such as age, size and various build factors such as the type of dye. Check the Scattermats Rug Warehouse online catalogue to find your perfect Persian rug.

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