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Woollen Wool Rugs

The wool rug has a long and venerable tradition. Craftsmen in Iran were hand weaving Persian wool rugs millennia ago and the tradition spread to other part of Asia. The fact that it remains the prime carpet material of choice today is testament to its qualities.

One simple reason for wool’s popularity is that it’s such an attractive material. It’s natural and easy to dye in a range of delightful colours and patterns. It’s hardy, too. Unlike man-made fibres, wool is strongly resistant to compression. This makes for a springy softness, which is ideal for a home with children.

Wool area rugs are very popular. These are flooring items that work to retain warmth in a room or create a focal point. Wool is an excellent insulator of both heat and sound so it works well to create a cosy atmosphere. With some enticing patterns and designs, it acts as a natural magnet for the eyes.


The Benefits of a Wool Rug

  • A wool rug is a naturally flame retardant owing to its high nitrogen content.
  • Wool is a non-allergenic fibre.
  • It’s highly durable. You can find wool rugs that still look great after a century.
  • Wool is very soft which makes for very comfortable flooring.
  • A wool rug is spill resistant.
  • Wool repels static electricity.


Taking Care of a Wool Rug

Wool rugs require minimal upkeep as they’re so tightly woven. Regular vacuuming and an occasional professional clean is all you need to keep them looking great. Be careful to mop up any spills with absorbant towels immediately and ensure your rug stays dry.


Buying a Wool Rug

A wool rug is usually the most expensive option, but you get what you pay for in terms of style, durability longevity. Buy a quality item and you’ll get decades of happy use. Should you invest in an item such as a quality Persian rug, you may well see your investment increase in value over the years. Check the Scattermats Rug Warehouse web catalogue for a range of fine wool rugs and get in touch or place your order online.

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