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Turkish Rugs

For rugs that emanate a bold and colourful beauty coupled to a soft and natural feel, choose Turkish rugs. Turkey is home to a rug making tradition that dates back thousands of years. You can choose either handmade rugs or commercially manufactured items. Craftsmen still weave rugs using the ancient ways, however machine made rugs are more common nowadays. Originally, goat hair was the material of choice though this was later replaced by wool and silk. Plant based dyes of brown, red, blue, yellow and black were standard though today the palette has expanded. Synthetic dyes come in a wider range of colours than natural ones.

You can choose two main types of Turkish rug - a knotted carpet or a kilim. Knotted carpets are higher quality items handwoven from wool or silk. Antique Turkish rugs are masterpieces with intricate hand woven designs and unique motifs. These are highly sought after and very valuable. Kilims are crafted from cotton using flatweaving methods. They have no backing and are useful as decorative pieces.


The Benefits of Turkish Rugs

  • Quality handmade rugs keep their value for years.
  • They’re easy to clean and maintain.
  • You can choose from a wide range of extremely attractive designs and colours that can grace any home.
  • Machine made rugs are very reasonably priced.


Taking Care of Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs will give you a lifetime of pleasure with just a little care. Remove dirt regularly with a broom or vacuum. There are various methods of cleaning rugs, some people wash them gently by hand but professional cleaning is always recommended. Your cleaning routine will depend on whether natural or synthetic dyes were used.


Buying Turkish Rugs

Determine the size of your required rug before shopping, and also set your budget. Turkish rugs can be expensive but represent an excellent investment, as they’ll give decades of use and keep their value. Be sure to buy from a reputable rug vendor such as Scattermats Rug Warehouse. Browse our online catalogues to find the item that fits your needs and then place your order online. If you have any queries, just call us for some friendly, honest advice. We can advise you on matters such as fibre content and quality and comparisons between various rugs.

Contact Scattermats Rug Warehouse for the best deals on Turkish rugs. Order online to get Free Shipping* Australia Wide* for orders over $150.