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Shaggy Rugs Plush Cosy Blue Jewel

About Our Plush Shaggy Rug

Why not add a personal style decor to your favorite living area with one of our Shaggy Rug collections, this range will create a really inviting place for all to enjoy. You can define or liven up your living space by adding some class with this Shag Rug which has a fantastic bright tone of colours. Our bright Plush Shaggy range are a combination of matte thick polyester fiber and elegant thin polyester, the combination of the two gives you the soft and luxurious feeling that is the plush shaggy.

Developed with every budget in mind, this shag would be a great addition for any room, whether it be a children's floor rug for their room or just a floor rug for the lounge, this shaggy rug will look absolutely fantastic in any room. These rugs are like a cloud at your feet,  pleasure to lay on - simply divine. Great wearing and easy to maintain, non shed pile, water repellant, anti static, stain resistant, dust proof, moth proof, allergy proof and easy to vacuum. Hand tufted with a calico cloth backing to prevent scratching of floors. Manufactured in China, and the thicker mat micro fibers are approx 25mm thick with the thin polyester fibers around 30mm thick.

So if you want to Buy Rugs Online or in Scattermats rug store then these Floor Rugs are a good start, you cant go wrong with these really.

Shaggy Rugs Plush Cosy Blue Jewel
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Instore Price: $428.00

Online Price: $369.00

Availability: In stock


How to Stain Protect Shaggy Rugs

Why not stain protect your shag rug investment and have piece of mind by using our scotch guard like product, called Scattermats Rug Guard on your Floor Rugs.

Rug Guard Advanced contains the same advanced formulas used by carpet mills on new stain resistant carpets to prevent spills from bonding into fibers.

Forms a powerful stain barrier that makes it easy to remove spills and clean marks and stains of almost any kind, best to use in combination with Scattermats All Natural Spot Cleaner.

Can be used on Floor Rugs, Passage or Hall Runners, Shaggy Rugs, Wool Rugs, Kids Rugs and carpets, just  follow the instructions.

Cleaning / Washability Professionally Dry Cleaned / Spot Cleaned
Country of Manufacture China
Method Of Construction Hand Tufted
Material Type Polyester
Pile Type Shag Pile
Stain Resistance Very Good ****
Durability Very Durable ****
Reversible No
Additional Features Colourfast, Anti-Static, Moth Proof, Anti- bacterial & Soil Repellent
Also Available In Matching N/A
Vacume Rating Very Easy ****
Also Available in Other No
Color BLUE
Thickness 28mm

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