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Oriental Rugs

If you want to adorn the floors of your home or office with classically stylish items, Oriental rugs are the perfect choice. They’re objects of hardy elegance that bring grace and comfort to your home and can only increase in value as the years pass. The term 'Oriental rugs' refers to those floorings woven by hand using traditional methods in such countries as Turkey, Uzbekistan, India, Pakistan and China. Wool is the material of choice, however silk was once popular. One distinguishing feature is that their pile is tied to the foundation, a method known as hand knotted rugs. This contributes to their hardiness and longevity.

Traditionally, natural dies were used with these rugs, which resulted in their unique appearance. Nowadays synthetic dyes are also common. Artful choices of dyes infuse Oriental rugs with rich and vibrant hues, such as deep blues, golds, reds and dark earth tones. These help create the air of splendour these rugs display. One item of interest is the kilim. It’s a flat woven rug without pile. Prized by collectors and aficionados for their rare designs and alluring colours, kilims are cheaper and less hardy than regular Oriental rugs.


The Benefits of Oriental Rugs

  • Woven to a density over 500 knots per square inch, these rugs extremely tough and hardwearing.
  • Being handmade, they’re unique which adds to their value.
  • Their sheer style makes any room look superb.
  • They’re a breeze to take care of.


Taking Care of Oriental Rugs

Regular vacuuming is all your need to keep your Oriental rug in good shape. Clean up spills immediately and make sure the area is dry. It's also a good idea to rotate rugs to even out wear and also to try to keep them out of direct sunlight.


Buying Oriental Rugs

Quality Oriental rugs are never cheap but represent great value. Buy one you like and it will give you decades, even generations of pleasure. Browse the online catalogues at Scattermats Rug Warehouse to find an item you like. Then give us a call or place your order online.


Contact Scattermats Rug Warehouse for the best deals in Oriental rugs. Order online to get Free Shipping* Australia Wide* for orders over $150.