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How Some Floor Rugs are Made

Hand-Knotted Rugs

The back of the hand knotted rugs reveals the design that is on the front. These have been hand-woven by skilled weavers on traditional rug or carpet looms.
A knotted weave is the most commonly used technique for weaving rugs. In this technique, the rug is woven by the creation of knots. A short piece of yarn is tied around two neighbouring warp strands, creating a knot on the surface of the rug. Every single knot is tied by hand and are generally more expensive to purchase.


Hand-Tufted Rugs

With hand tufted rugs you will always be able to distinguish that it is hand tufted by looking at the back of the rug where a plain colour cloth covers the glue that keeps the yarn stuck on the base.
The process by which a hand-tufted rugs are created, involves pushing the yarn through a primary backing (usually white cotton cloth) to create a tuft, without tying knots into the foundation. Then, using latex glue to hold the tufts in place, a secondary foundation is created, after which a third and final cloth backing is applied, the finish is smooth so it won't scratch floors.
The final step involves shearing the tops of the looped tufts to create the pile. This tufting method creates a thick plush durable and even surface thus a  rug that will weather foot traffic very well.

Machine Made Rugs

Machine-woven area rugs are made on power looms by hand, machine or computer. The loom is strung with a cotton or jute warp, and then woven using nylon, polypropylene, wool or other material. Machine-made area rugs are generally not a thick type rug and have become very popular due to the variety of sizes, colors, designs, lower pricing and availability, today most modern rugs and Oriental Rugs Styles are made this way.

Machine Made Flatweave Rugs

Some rug manufacturers use machine looms and other tools which streamline the process of making flat weave rugs so that they are more affordable.

Flatweave rugs are made with the fiber running horizontally rather than vertically and are hard wearing as there is no pile to flatten.

Author: "Neville Barnes"