Wedding Ceremony Altar Gazebo Canopy Portable Pop Up Frame and Fabric

These wedding ceremony altar gazebo canopy portable pop up frame complete with fabric are made from special white pleated lace all ready made to shape with simple poles as the frame that are easy to set-up in minutes. The overall size of this altar tent is approximately 348 X 166 X 300cm high, that will fit many people under.

 Value For Money Rating out of 5: 

Additional Features
Also Available In MatchingN/A
Also Available in OtherDesigns
Cleaning / Washability
Country of ManufactureChina
DurabilityExtremely Durable
Material TypeN/A
Method Of Construction
Pile TypeN/A
Stain ResistanceExcellent
Vacume RatingExtremely Easy
Size348x146x300CM High