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Bathroom Mats Dada Luxury Bath Mas Set Chocolate

Bathroom Mat Sets for Luxury

Wow!  you wont find any bath mats softer than these!!

These Bath Mat Sets are manufactured in China with a super soft fiber approx 25mm thick, and the size of the contour toilet mat is 50 x 50cm and the rectangle mat is 50x76cm..

Bathmat sets are a great accessory for decorating the bathroom and toilet, as well as creating cosiness and a colour theme, not to mention, the mats will dampen noise and help stop rooms from echoing. These Toilet Mats are moth proof and colour fast, keeping the rug bright and colourful. As it is Synthetic, the toilet and bathroom mats have great uniformity, strength and stain resistance. The rubber backing on these bathmats will make it resistant to slipping on hard surfaces, also protecting your floors, and most importantly as you know, standing barefoot on a hard floor is not great for your feet or back, try it out you will notice a difference!.  

Want to know how to clean this rug! Well you can wash all those little spills in cold water by hosing down or by hand with warm soapy water, it's that easy! Do not wring out, and you should let it dry in the shade. 

dada choc luxury bath toilet mats

Online Price: $37.00

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The label does say it's machine washable! however, we recommend caution! as some washing machines will destroy them in the first attempt, we do suggest cold wash and gentle cycle if you are going to try.
Want to know how to clean this rug!  Well you can wash all those little spills in cold water by hosing down or with warm soapy water, it's that easy, do not wring out, drying must be in the shade.

Cleaning / Washability No
Country of Manufacture
Method Of Construction No
Material Type No
Pile Type N/A
Stain Resistance No
Durability No
Reversible No
Additional Features No
Also Available In Matching N/A
Vacume Rating N/A
Also Available in Other N/A
Size 50x50CM 50x75CM
Thickness No

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