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Area Rugs

If you’re looking for area rugs, a quick and easy way to bring character to your rooms, consider area rugs. These stylish and versatile items can brighten up any space with splashes of colour and help make any room more inviting and livable. Area rugs cover only a part of a floor in a room. That means they prime purpose is decorative. Often they exist to provide a focal point for the space. Of course, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be comfortable to walk and lie on as well. They can help warm up chill floors and create a mood of cosiness and intimacy.

Other than rectangular, area rugs come in circular round, shapes. As for materials, you have the regular choice of synthetics such as acrylic, polypropylene and polyester, plus natural fibres such as wool, cotton, jute, sisal, hemp or blends of several different fibres.

The Benefits of Area Rugs

  • They offer a speedy and simple way to transform a room into a personalised space with character.
  • They offer an ideal way to cover up serious stains or other defects in your floors.
  • They help protect young children by providing soft spaces for them to sit and play on.
  • They can help define various functional spaces in your rooms.
  • They add warmth and insulation to any room so helping reduce energy costs.
  • They’re versatile as you can move them around as needed to change the look and feel of a space.


Buying Area Rugs

When shopping for area rugs, select items that harmonise with your existing decor, furniture and fittings. If you want to make your room appear more spacious, opt for lighter-coloured rugs. Darker items, in contrast, help make your rooms cosier. To browse a wide selection of quality area rugs, just visit the website of Scattermats Rug Warehouse. Then place your order online or call us up for more information. We’ll offer you friendly advice to help you get the right area rug for your needs.


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